Living Security Intelligence Report: Work From Home

Since January, 77% of organizations in N. America have moved to remote work. Over this time there has been an 85% increase in phishing attacks, 25% increase in malicious websites and a 17% increase in cyber threats targeting organizations remote access accounts.

This is because cyber criminals are adapting to new target areas of weakness. It is highly likely that cyber criminals will continue to focus attacks on remote workers and use the panic around COVID-19 to conduct social engineering. It is vital for security awareness program owners and CISOs to understand how new threats affect remote workers because such threats will stay even after businesses return to normal. 

  • Use VPNs
  • Avoid Neighbor's WiFi
  • Identify COVID-themed phishing
  • Secure Personal Devices
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Organizations are moving to remote work at a faster rate than ever because of COVID-19 and alongside this push to remote work is an increase in cyber threats targeting a new security perimeter: the employee household.

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