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Webinar: A.I. vs. A.I.: Fighting Fire with Fire in the New Age of Phishing Attacks


Join us for this interactive webinar where we'll share actionable steps to thwart vishing and smishing attacks. 

September 20, 2023
12:00 p.m. ET

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A.I. vs. A.I.: Fighting Fire with Fire in the New Age of Phishing Attacks

Adversaries have moved beyond email phishing because training and simulations have taught people to be vigilant. Now social engineering via phone and text play a bigger role—with A.I. making risks tougher to detect. We'll start our conversation with the state of A.I. in cybercrime. 

The good news? A.I. also powers realistic simulations that make employees learn what to look for. Living Security has a new suite of vishing and smishing simulation tools that bring A.I. to your defense by creating realistic simulations. Do your employees know how to respond to these scenarios?

  • A call center employee gets a call from someone who sounds exactly like the CEO, asking for urgent access to sensitive data.
  • Your new accountant gets a text from the “CFO” asking to respond quickly, then asks for a credit card number.
  • Mass texts go to employees saying they must click a link to update their MFA credentials within 30 minutes, causing them to inadvertently share their login and password to gain data access.

This live webinar shares the latest in phishing, smishing, and vishing scams, plus simulations of these scenarios to educate employees and keep them safe.

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