Living Security Unify:

Cybersecurity Human Risk Management Platform

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Answering the Questions CISOs & Cybersecurity Leaders Can't Answer

"I don’t have a clear answer when my CEO or Board asks me, 'Where are our biggest security risks?'" This is a near-universal universal concern with CISOs, who often come to us asking: 

  • How do we measure and quantify risk?
  • How are we solving that risk?
  • What are we doing to mitigate our risk?


Living Security Unify helps CISOs identify, quantify and manage human risk. Unify solves this with a simple, easy-to-understand Executive Dashboard that locates, quantifies and demonstrates how to fix cybersecurity risks on a routine basis. 

Breaking Down Cybersecurity Tech Stack Silos


The Living Security Unify Platform integrates with your existing secure email gateway software, endpoint protection suites, learning management systems and phishing software and simulators. Connect data and correlate it with actual human events, allowing cybersecurity leaders to fine-tune human risk behaviors in a way never done before.


Featured Integrations:


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Endpoint Detection & Response

Screenshot 2021-07-19 at 12-49-31 Living-Security-Unify-Page — 7 14 21 (1) pdf

VMware Carbon Black

Endpoint Detection & Response

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Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Detection & Response

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Email Security

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Web Security

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Email Security

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Unify solves the problem and meets the need:  

  1. Visibility into where your security weaknesses are via the Executive Report 
  2. Quantified behavioral data with your Risk Metrics and the Analytics Dashboard 
  3. List of actions on how to fix your risk for lasting change with  Automation and Training Recommendations 
Security Scores

Measuring the Cybersecurity Metrics That Matter

Unify gives you a snapshot with the right data and the ability to answer the human security risk at any point in time at a business level. 

Finally, get the clear picture so you can have a business conversation about tolerable and intolerable levels of security risk for your organization.

Impactful Merits

Unify helps you answer business security risk problems:

  • Where are my pockets of risk? 
  • What are we doing to solve this? 
  • Is our risk decreasing over time?
  • If not decreasing, where should we focus?
most impactful security demerits

"Living Security is one of the only teams in security providing metrics. Their data provides insight into our employees' security knowledge, which empowers us to know where we are and where we can improve."

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