All the resources, content, experiences, and analytics you need for your most impactful October ever.

I'm Ready To Engage My Team!

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) is coming soon, but with so many employees stuck at home, how can you still engage your teams and keep security awareness top of mind? Look no further!


NCSAM “Gone Virtual” is a fully digital, gamified, month-long experience that will engage your teams with sessions and content they will never forget.

  • CyberEscape Online for all of your team members!: A breakout hit from Living Security -- teams work together, learning cybersecurity principles while racing to beat the clock
  • Company-wide Leaderboard: A fully “gamified” experience to drive engagement and fun competition
  • Choose one Complete “Hollywood-Style” Video Series: Best-in-class content to engage your teams
  • Choose 4 from over 20 Cybersecurity “nano-modules”: Choose the specific bite-size topics most relevant to your business
  • Security Improv Session: Security is no laughing matter, but your team will love this fun virtual session with our professional comedian, customizable to your specific areas of interest
  • Hacker Expert Session: Real-life hacker stories from the trenches - virtual event where teams learn the risks (and consequences) that real companies have had to face  
  • Practicing Cyber-Hygiene Webinar: A recorded webinar session to ensure your team is following cyber-hygiene best practices
  • Virtual Games: multiple virtual games like “Security Feud” that let you drive fun experiences with teams at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Metrics and Analytics: Powerful insights into the impact of your program, and a personalized readout with Living Security intelligence experts on areas of risk.
  • Living Security Platform: a powerful tool to help you build your calendar of activities, and provide custom options for specific teams
  • Promotional Toolkit: All the resources you need to generate excitement for your program internally, including video trailers, social posts, blogs, emails, and PowerPoint decks
  • And much more...

October is just around the corner, and the clock is ticking... what’s your plan to make your NCSAM program 100% virtual?

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Cyber security training that is more fun than online videos! Interacting with the material in this experience encouraged me to remember the material and apply it in my daily life.

- Living Security Participant

The clock is Living Security today to get started with NCSAM Gone Virtual!