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Webinar: Evolving from Security Awareness to Human Risk Management, Step-by-Step


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Measurably improving your organization’s security posture requires changing human behavior and delivering metrics to prove it. But where do you start?

The Human Risk Management (HRM) Maturity Model provides a roadmap for organizations to evolve from traditional compliance training, to creating a security culture, to—ultimately—quantifying your organization’s security posture.

This webinar shares the practical, real-world use of the maturity model. Join Radiris Diaz, Security Awareness & Training Manager at National Grid and Nick Marchiselli, Client Success Manager at Living Security, as they evaluate National Grid’s program against the maturity model. They'll show live examples of what each stage and element of the model looks like in practice at National Grid, then they will plan out the next six months of program changes to mature their program.


  • How to use the Human Risk Management Maturity Model to evaluate your program
  • How the model works in practice, including real-life examples
  • How to build a 6-month plan to mature your organization's program

You'll leave this webinar with a go-forward plan on how to structure and evolve your organization's cybersecurity posture. 

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