2019 Living Security White Paper:

The Year of the Human

The Living Security Whitepaper is tailor-made for security awareness program owners, CISOs and future leaders to learn four powerful lessons from the front lines in 2019. As people designing programs for end users, it is absolutely essential to… 

  • Lesson 1 | Debunk Myths: De-emphasize the untouchable cyber criminal and articulate the reality that the fight can be won. 
  • Lesson 2 | Celebrate People: Recognize employees across the organization for their unique abilities and then go beyond behavior management to inspire them to lead more secure lifestyles.
  • Lesson 3 |Tell a Story: Draw upon human experience and metaphor to create high-impact training content at the intersection of threat intelligence and storytelling. 
  • Lesson 4 | Win Hearts: Use metrics to learn who your employees are and how they communicate so you can accurately measure human risk, connect with people and wage powerful culture change. 

White Paper

You’ll see in this whitepaper how human-centered design and science-based applications like gamification and positive reinforcement are key to engaging and inspiring people as well as reinforcing concepts within a successful training program.

Download the 2019 Living Security Whitepaper.