Unifying Risk: A Conversation Guiding CISOs and Security Program Owners To Identify, Quantify, and Manage Human Risk
We’ve been conditioned to throw multiple layers of technology at our security problems, but the reality is there are no security tools able to completely mitigate phishing and other modern cyberattacks. When it comes to risk, the human element requires a unified approach that combines data intelligence and a clear action plan. This month's Breaking Security Awareness (BSA) webinar will introduce CISOs to a simple security solution that identifies human risk with enhanced behavioral data and uses those insights to quickly address emerging threats. 
 Topics will include:
  • How do we measure and quantify risk?
  • How do we connect actual human events to existing data?
  • How do we take data and create an action plan that truly mitigates risk?
  • What kind of ROI does this establish for our security program?
In case you missed the past 2021 BSA webinars, not to worry, we recorded them for you.

Meet Your Webinar Guest


Damon DePaolo

Director of Cybersecurity Talent and Education


Damon has worked in various aspects of technology for 21 years including programming, management, research and development, and cyber security. His passion and joy is found in bringing his unique brand of creativity to every new challenge, and he is an advocate for the value of continuous learning and self-development. Damon is most happy and engaged when experimenting, creating, or tackling a new problem.

Meet Your Webinar Host


Drew Rose

CSO and Co-founder
Living Security


As Living Security’s creative mastermind, Drew Rose combines his experience developing security programs and his love of game design to expertly craft immersive products. He seeks to engage end users and create excitement with his educational experiences and measurable outcomes.

Drew is a CISSP with a Bachelors of Science in Cybersecurity who has spent years building and optimizing security programs in the public and private sectors. While serving in the military, Drew learned effective strategies for fighting cybercrime and earned a top-level security rating in the U.S. government. At Living Security, Drew applies his in-depth knowledge to reducing enterprise and personal risk by designing science-based, collaborative security awareness programs.