How are you tackling human risk in your organization?

2020 reminded us that even though things change, the ultimate impact of challenges and the success of the response is most determined by humans. We spoke to the top leaders in the cybersecurity space to develop a new report of cybersecurity human risk management trends to apply within your own organization.

In cybersecurity, even though we throw multiple layers of technology at the problem, more than 80% of breaches are caused by human error, action or inaction.

7 trends updated screenshot 2021

Cybercriminals are using an ever-evolving and sophisticated array of tactics targeting employees at all levels and roles of an organization to gain access to their data.

While a majority of people say they can distinguish a phishing message from a genuine one, their actions tell a different story.

So how can you solve for human risk in your cybersecurity equation?

Topics covered:

  • How to Mitigate Risk
  • How to Harness Your End Users as Allies
  • The Cost of Disjointed Tools
  • Building a Business Plan
  • How to Let Data Work for You
  • How to Invest in a Secure Future
  • How to Measure for Success 
  • Imbedded Approach to Build a Winning Security Culture
  • How to Leverage Microlearning Modules for Success
  • How to Win with Gamification

Living Security helps you put an end to cybersecurity breaches in your enterprise by leveraging personnel, a scientific cybersecurity approach to analyzing human risk factors, a ground breaking approach to security awareness training, and the ability to measure its efficacy & ROI.

Download The "7 Essential Trends Of Cybersecurity Human Risk Management for 2021" Guide 

Humans are not the weakest link in CyberSecurity. They are in fact your strongest asset.