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Build an Awareness Team Without Spending a Dime


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Build an Awareness Team without Spending a Dime

Kathryn Glynn, Kimberly-Clark

Twice, Kathryn Glynn has created sustainable, 25-person Ambassador programs for zero dollars by tapping into the passion and skills of team members outside of the cybersecurity team. By giving team members the opportunity to contribute to the security of the company, they'll feel more invested in its success and more connected to the cybersecurity team. Kathryn previously created a successful program at Oshkosh Corporation and currently heads the Ambassador program at Kimberly-Clark, so she's lived this. 

This Video Originally aired June 22, 2023, at HRMCon 2023

Each year, the Human Risk Management Conference, hosted by Living Security, brings together cybersecurity thought leaders and practitioners to present a half-day virtual conference geared toward continuously evolving the power of behavior change in mitigating risks. 

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